United Kingdom

Energy Owner’s Club – Allerdale BC (2017)
Bizcat UK was tasked with undertaking a high level options study for Oldside to consider the best use for the site for energy development that can benefit local industry, community and ratepayers.

Energy Strategy for Cheshire & Warrington (2017)
In partnership with the regional development consultant Mickle­dore, Bizcat provided a low carbon energy strategy including a hands-on action plan for the three LAs and the LEP.

Workington District Heat Network Study – Allerdale BC (2017)
Bizcat in collaboration with Atkins were appointed to provide a revised district energy feasibility study in Workington following on the failed previous study.

South Gloucestershire Heat Networks (2016-17):
In partnership with Atkins, Bizcat provided a DE feasibility study including business and ownership models.

Falkirk heat network - Scottish Government LCITP (2016):
Bizcat provided the phased strategy and financial assessments in the Atkins-led district heating feasibility study in Falkirk.

Saughton Park - Scottish Government LCITP (2016):
As the strategic consultant Bizcat was the strategic advisor to Atkins in a heating feasibility study in Edinburgh.

James Walker Energy Strategy – Allerdale BC (2016)
Bizcat provided a relocation energy strategy for the manufacturing company James Walker in Cockermouth. 

Energy Positive Allerdale – Allerdale Borough Council (2015):
Bizcat was responsible for providing a low carbon energy strategy, including a sustainable energy prospectus and project portfolio.

Social housing heat network – DECC SBRI (2015)
As project inventor and manager Bizcat led the team including Barden Energy, BRE Wales and Home Group to an award-winning example of a low carbon energy solution in off-grid Bootle.

Summergrove Halls - Britain's Energy Coast (2014)
PM for a detailed biomass heat network feasibility study in a student campus. Recommendations have been implemented.

West Cumbria Energy Compass - BEC (2012-13) 
A regional Energy Master Plan identifying the path towards the creation of a sustainable energy system for West Cumbria. The study enabled Allerdale and Copeland to receive HNDU grants.

Neath Port Talbot District Energy Master Plan (2012)
Heat network feasibility study using industrial waste heat locally as well as regional.

Swansea District Energy Master Plan (2010-11)
A city-wide study showing a a phased DE system based on industrial waste heat from Port Talbot. System in progress.

Swindon District Energy Master Plan (2010-11)
The city-wide DE Master Plan identifying the best DE options and a phased expansion. The Council is implementing the recommended start-up schemes and are moving forward.


Claremont NH - District Energy Feasibility study (2013-14)
Supported by the City Council, private company HotZero is planning for a District Energy system to improve the local economy. The feasibility study showed a viable town centre system and HotZero is raising funding for imple­men­tation.

Keene NH - District Energy Master Plan (2013-14)
Keene is a prosperous New Hampshire town facing expansion restrictions due to particle emissions and lack of piped natural gas. The study showed a viable biomass DE solution taking up Keene State College, town centre and residential houses. HotZero is raising funding for implementation.Client: Swindon Borough Council


City of Surrey BC – District Energy Master Plan and advisory support(2010-11)
Bizcat was appointed to make a Feasibility study in South Surrey and to provide DE Advisory Support regarding the City Centre development. Based on Bizcat’s recommendations the City changed its plans totally and is currently developing a DE system as to Bizcat’s recommendations, highly recognised by IDEA .

CRD BC - Resource Recovery and Use Plan(2011)
Develop business case for heat recovery from raw sewage in the CRD’s regional trunk sewer network. This study forms a part of the CRD’s Resource Recovery and Use Plan.

Vancouver BC - Clean Energy Screening Study(2011)
Explore options for providing low greenhouse gas emission-based heating and possibly cooling energy to Vancouver General Hospital (VGH) and the Children’s and Women’s Hospital (C&W), as well as development surrounding the hospitals.

New Zealand

Christchurch District Energy Feasibility Study(2011)
The rebuilt of Christchurch City Centre after the severe earthquake provided an option for the first DE heat and cooling system in NZ. Bizcat was appoin­ted to lead the feasibility study in collaboration with KPMG. Accor­ding to KPMG the DE system became viable only due to Bizcat’s phasing principle and use of existing excess generation capacity. The city has contracted SUEZ to develop the system.


Veliky Novgorod Corporate Development Plans(2004)
For two years the Swedish consultant Sweco had developed Corporate Development Plans for the local District Energy company Teploenergo, Water and Wastewater company Vodokanal and Waste Management company SAHK in Veliky Novgorod. Sweco appointed Bizcat for implementation of the CDPs to the management teams, using an unconventional method. The outcome was a success and Bizcat received new assignments to develop pricing models.