Bizcat is a UK based energy system consulting company, drawing on the Swedish heritage and competence of our sister company Bizcat AB.  Bizcat is an international leader in the field of sustainable energy system feasibility, planning and execution, with a client base spanning three continents.

We bring unrivalled breadth of experience in the field by offering senior executive experience at affordable costs, through our highly experienced core team and network of associate consultants. 
The key advantages of our business model are that we can access the best talent from the sustainable energy supply chain, not normally present in one particular company;

• Bizcat’s leadership in strategic heat planning, especially district energy, where a phased matching   of supply to demand based on local and low carbon sources form the baseline;

• Our network of best in class associates brings expertise in energy markets, regional development and UK engineering services offering a compelling blend of competences to address a wide range of energy system challenges ;

• The reach back into the Swedish supply chain afforded by Bizcat, enabling world class expertise on any subject related to sustainable energy systems to be accessed efficiently;

Bizcat’s in-depth district energy heritage provides a unique opportunity for;

• Performance assurance by providing an independent second opinion on technical and feasibility studies, typically resulting in rightsized system specification and costs;
• Reduce the risk inherent in making energy system investment decisions;
• Provide an Investment Grade Proposition.